Análise do 888 Casino: O 888 Casino é legítimo ou uma farsa?

hey guys it’s me dan aka the gambling guy and in this video i’m reviewing 88 a casino usa an online casino created by the 888 group who also runs 888 support for sports betting as well as 88 poker for live poker and they are one of the biggest and most popular online casinos that exist and honestly for good reason they really do a lot of things right and i’ll talk about that in this video i’ll cover things like the overall look and feel of the website i’ll talk about the payment options customer service

and i’ll cover any other information that i think is important to know about aiday casino and look if at any given point watching this review you decide you want to check out a today casino for yourself you can actually sign up for an account through the link i’m placing in the video description below and you’ll get a nice little bonus offer as well so definitely take advantage of that okay so first and foremost the thing i’m going to mention right away is the actual website layout it is a really gorgeous site with a

really nice black and green color scheme going on and honestly a lot of people don’t place as much value on that as i do and i get it to each their own but i can personally attest to the fact that when i spend time at online casinos i sometimes spend hours on the site so the nicer the layout of the site is the more i actually enjoy myself and the better my overall experience is for sure now the next big thing i have to mention about ada casino is the fact that they are massive i’m talking massive on a

global scale and they’ve built their reputation since 1997 of being a trustworthy safe highly regulated and thoroughly licensed online casino in fact in 2013 they even won an award for being the most socially responsible online casino operator i mean they really just don’t cut corners so the key takeaway here is that you can trust ada casino and you can absolutely feel safe depositing your money there and when you do sign up with a day casino you’ll get 100 deposit match up to 100 which is sweet and then boom right after

that you can start playing on the site right away now as far as depositing and withdrawing money goes you have a couple options you could use paypal apple pay you can do a direct bank transfer or even use a debit or credit card now the easiest the most popular way to deposit money into a casino is through apple pay but personally i use paypal and have never had a problem it’s super easy and just so you know whenever you’re gonna want to withdraw your money it’ll take about two business days to show up an 80 day casino doesn’t charge

you anything to withdraw your money which is a huge pro now once you’re all finished signing up and creating your account you’ll get your bonus offer verified and then you’re off to the races and dude this is where the fun starts because there is a ridiculous amount of games to choose from on the site and of course once you’ve created your account you also have access to 88 poker as well as 88 sports as well now on the casino side of things you have games to choose from like like roulette even very variations of

roulette 35 black odd high second column third dozen congratulations to all of my players we have five winners please please for the next round congrats double zero green guys double zero green congratulations to those three players

with that 35 to one payout not bad at all please please your bets for the next round good luck [ __ ] you excuse me we have that 12 red even low third pound first dozen congratulations to my players we have shawn lewis john champ and tommy here we go y’all please place your bets there are plenty of slot games uh poker blackjack all that good stuff the site actually has altogether over 300 games in total and man the software used to run these games is incredible there’s even this built-in function

that automatically alters the video quality if your wi-fi connection gets weak so that your actual game play won’t get interrupted i mean it’s these little details that really makes 888 casinos so great i especially love playing live games like they actually have uh live roulette tables and the dealers will like even give shout outs to people by their usernames and wish them good luck on their best and things like that it’s very interactive now as far as customer service goes they definitely get an a i mean it’s 24 7 first of all

and i’ve even called their customer service number quite a few times with different questions about a few things and i’ve never even so much has been put on hold i’m always connected to an agent like right away another cool thing i’ll mention about a day casino is their loyalty program which you’re actually automatically enrolled in when you signed off your account and how that works is the more you play the more loyalty points you actually rack up and then after a while if you rack up enough

points i think it’s like like 300 000 points you can actually be invited to become a vip and get a bunch of extra perks like faster payouts specific bonuses even birthday gifts stuff like that now like i mentioned before with your 888 account you also have access to 88 poker and 888 sport and that’s where you’ll have a number of different sports and leagues you can actually gamble on and there’s also a section for live betting where you’ll be able to place bets on sporting events that are occurring live look overall

a day casino really is an incredible online casino that’s reliable trustworthy pays out fast has a great variety of games to choose from and has incredible gaming software backing it up it’s just a really fun online casino that you can definitely get lost in for hours and don’t forget guys if you want to sign up for a day casino yourself you can do so by going through the link that i placed in the description below it’ll give you a nice little signup bonus as well and hey if you enjoyed this review

leave me a comment saying so subscribe to my channel so you can see more reviews like this in the future until the next time later guys

O texto acima é uma análise objetiva da casa de apostas 888casino. Temos o prazer de receber a atenção de todos os interessados. muito obrigado

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